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If you start to feel good during a HILLSworkout, don't worry you will get over it.

The Hill at Helmut Berens Park


The Hill at Helmut Berens Park in Elmhurst, IL is what gives the HILLSworkout program both its name and its personality. Perhaps it was said best in the World Mountain Encyclopedia, "The Hill at Helmut Berens Park is a classic peak, a sharp, isolated rock pyramid with steep narrow ridges jutting from surrounding glaciers. The town of Elmhurst, nestled beneath it's north face, is a running and fitness Mecca. One of the most frequently climbed hills in the world, its every ridge and face have been scaled, and there are now fixed ropes, ladders, and huts along the normal routes to the summit. Don't let these props, however, provide false security because much of the climb still requires a great deal of technical expertise and its death rate is one of the highest in the world."

Join us and run The Hill!